Operational and Cyber Resilience

Emergency and Crisis Management Team Trainings

To manage emergencies and crises, it is crucial that companies are optimally prepared and trained. Aucoma provides support in setting up an emergency and crisis management system in order to strengthen corporate resilience in a targeted and sustainable manner.


Your company is facing one or more of the following challenges:

Crises and emergencies are extraordinary events that can have a massive impact on a company.

A typical characteristic of crisis management is that decisions have to be made quickly in a complex and unexpected situation with little information.

In order to prevent the crisis from turning into a catastrophe and to quickly restore business operations, a well-trained team is required.

With a systematic approach (problem identification, situation assessment, decision-making), the overview and control of the situation can be gained quickly.


aucoma relies on the following proven approach which will be adapted to your context:


Our experts may sustainably strengthen your “Operational and Cyber Resilience” with the following offering:

Basic training
Fundamentals of emergency and crisis management and staff work.

Applied training
Leadership of an emergency and crisis management organization with exercise elements to analyze problems with development and assessment of courses of action.

Review, validation, and refinement of emergency and crisis plans.

Review of emergency and crisis responses under realistic conditions from event identification through staff resolution.

Live testing
Full-scale exercise of business continuity involving various internal and external organizations and testing of emergency measures.

Added Value

In cooperation with aucoma you may create the following value for your company:

Recognition of potential for improvement and initiation of practical optimization measures for optimal preparation for emergencies.

Certainty that the crisis organization is functioning.

The emergency and crisis organization can quickly overcome the chaos phase at the beginning of an event; the organization, processes and communication interfaces are known.

All crisis team members have the same level of knowledge and awareness of their task; interaction is practiced.

The members of the crisis team are capable and practiced to master crisis situations.

aucoma focuses on realistic / company-related exercise scenarios, so that companies also benefit for crisis preparation.