Your Situation

You and your employees know the company very well; maybe too well indeed – and the wood of the trees is hard to see. You wonder whether a second view from the outside could help. Would a sparring partner in the background be the right thing?

Your Need

You are looking for …

… someone who will just listen to you

… being able to exchange and discuss your ideas with someone – but without them becoming public immediately

… open and straightforward feedback

Our Approach
  1. 1

    • We listen to you – and provide constructive feedback, in a private setting, not in public.
    • We support you in the preparation of concepts – but stay in the background.

  2. 2

    • We empower your team to set goals and to achieve them
    • In doing so, we support and accompany you on a methodical basis – the contents are developed basically by your team

Your Value

You can focus on the contents – you just leave the “how” to us

You benefit from open comments – thus creating additional potential to increase the value of the company

A sparring partner provides you with additional confidence

Your contact partners
Christoph Zimmerli
Christoph Zimmerli
"Together successful"