Operational and Cyber Resilience

Security Operation Center (SOC) assistance

Cyber criminality is a lucrative and fast-growing business model. In order to limit damages to a minimum, it is important to quickly detect cyber attacks and to act accordingly. A targeted solution not only increases security but decreases costs as well. Without identifying the specific requirements, the offers of service providers and in-house solutions can get very costly. In cooperation with our clients, we identify the necessary functionalities (scenarios and use cases), service level and solutions architecture. This allows a targeted evaluation and conception of solutions. In addition, we assist our customers in planning and conducting cyber incident and crisis management exercises.


Your company is facing one or more of the following challenges:

The asset inventory is incomplete and vulnerabilities are addressed late

Threats and security incidents are identified too late and/or inaccurately

Cyber security is not well-coordinated with IT incident and crisis management

The optimal SOC operating model (internal, hybrid, external) is unclear

You have difficulties identifying the right SOC partner or finding suitable specialists

There are challenges to determine the right combination of technologies (SIEM, EDR, SOAR, Unified Threat Management, etc.)

Secure and legally compliant collection and retention of log data


aucoma relies on the following proven approach which will be adapted to your context:


Our experts may sustainably strengthen your “Operational and Cyber Resilience” with the following offering:

Cyber Readiness Analyis
Assessment of the current situation and the company’s capabilities. Identify the need for action with regards to cyber detection and reaction. Documentation and presentation of the results.

Decision Support
Analysis of the SOC requirements, the relevant general conditions and regulations. Development of proposals for solution for SOC implementation, e.g. by conducting a study.

Evaluation of suitable services and/or internal solutions to implement the selected solution variant (including compilation of bidding documents, concepts and/or solution architectures).

Assist Implementation
Ensure targeted implementation of organizational, technical and contractual measures. Conduct IT incident and crisis management exercises.

Added Value

In cooperation with aucoma you may create the following value for your company:

Complete asset inventory and targeted vulnerability management

Appropriate use cases allow early detection of and reaction to threats and security incidents. Damages are prevented or limited.

Identify suitable solutions and apply the right technologies

Integration of the SOC in ISIRT and in IT incident and crisis management

Secure and legally compliant collection and retention of log data

Deep and sound sleep for security officers