Operational and Cyber Resilience

Audits and Assessments

In order to ensure the resilience of a company and its infrastructure, a combination of organizational and technical measures need to be implemented. Targeted audit and assessments can be conducted to identify the current status as well as gaps and potential fields of action. Aucoma’s specialists design and plan audits/assessments tailored to your requirements and perform them in an efficient and professional manner.


Your company is facing one or more of the following challenges:

There is a multitude of standards in the field of Operational & Cyber Resilience

New legal and regulatory requirements are put into force, or the existing requirements are updated in order to adapt to the current environment

Compliance with standards and requirements has to be ensured and increasingly needs to be proven (e.g. by providing evidence) to internal (e.g. employees) and external stakeholders (e.g. customers, legislator)

You require a thorough analysis of the status quo in order to identify the most important fields of action

You seek certification against a standard and therefore require an assessment of the status quo in terms of maturity/compliance


Our experts may sustainably strengthen your “Operational and Cyber Resilience” with the following offering:

Conduct audits against standards and regulations

Conduct assessments and maturity analysis in the fields of

  • BCM and ITSCM (e.g. ISO 22301, ISO 27031)
  • Cyber Security (e.g. ISO 2700x, NIST CSF, IT-Grundschutz Bund, Cloud Zero Trust) and
  • Data privacy (EU GDPR, Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection)

Conduct 360-degree resilience analysis

Conduct special assessments, if necessary in coordination with our partners (e.g. penetration tests, source code analysis, disaster recovery tests)

Added Value

In cooperation with aucoma you may create the following value for your company:

Determine applicable regal and regulatory requirements and standards for your company

The status quo was verified by independent and experienced experts

Results of the audits/assessments are documented in a detailed written report

You receive a maturity assessment in comparison to similar companies (“benchmark”)

Possible gaps/fields of action are identified and necessary risk-based measures can be implemented based on prioritized recommendations