Nils Reinthaler

Nils Reinthaler is an aucoma consultant specialized in digital transformation and M&A projects. He has several years of experience in program and project management within inter-disciplinary teams, in strategy and business model development, in technology management as well as in the conception and implementation of digitization initiatives and the establishment of digitization departments (“Digital Campus”). This experience has been gained particularly in the aerospace, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, industrial and medical sectors. A Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (ITET) and a Master’s degree in Management, Technology and Economics (MTEC) from ETH Zurich provide him a strong background.

He is mainly focusing on:

  • Program- and project management
  • Supporting design and implementation of digitization initiatives
  • Process analysis, optimization and management
  • Technology management
  • Organizational development

Nils Reinthaler is proactively committed to the success of his customers by strongly involving them. He is as successful at involving all parties involved as he is at solving complex problems in a structured manner.