Project Management

Your Situation

You are confronted with one or several new or additional projects in the company. You lack the necessary management capacity and/or specific know-how to manage these projects, for example in the areas of digitization or process optimization.

Your Need

You are looking for …

… hand over the management and responsibility of an important project to an experienced, suitable person

… a ‘Trusted Adviser’ to lead a team with many external exponents, specifically assembled for the project

… Project management experience paired with change management skills to lead your project

Our Approach
  1. 1
    Project planning

    • The planning of the project based on a preliminary analysis and a project request is a crucial success factor at the very beginning of the project

  2. 2
    Stakeholder Management

    • Attracting and involving the different stakeholders of a project is crucial for its success
    • Specific information sharing is as much a part of the portfolio as transparency and immediate escalation in case of difficulties

  3. 3
    Project-Steering / Controlling

    • We dispose of a simple set of very effective control instruments
    • In line with the Earned Value method, we ensure that the project status is transparent at all times – and take steering measures at an early stage.

  4. 4
    Change Management & Training

    • Almost every project causes a change in the company – and demands appropriate adjustments among the employees.
    • With specific measures and training we support and promote these changes in the best sense of our clients

Your Value

We are your ‘Trusted Adviser’, who carries out and completes your project 100% in the interests of your company.

Our extensive experience and people skills will even complex change projects turn to be successful.

Our cost awareness ensures that your project is executed with the best possible cost structure.

Through our network in Switzerland and abroad, we ensure that you get the best resources and optimal solution.

Your contact partners
Simon Erb
Dr. Simon Erb
"Your success is my passion!"